New Netbook
Netbook 2012

In early 2008, for a range of quality equipment is more or less stuck in mind when buying. The use of electronic computers to go into the shop and just ask a representative to sell, “Can you suggest the best selling”? Boy, have times of change. Of course, there is little PDA, Tablet PC and also some foreign smart phone market, but on the whole world.

Currently, traditional as well as standards for consumers. With hundreds of new categories of equipment, including mobile, notebooks, netbooks, smart, Ultra-Mobile PC, Tablet PC and some are better known as a laptop. This leads to very confusing for the user’s computer unless you know the difference between the description of each product is possible. What is the difference between these products? And what is best for your personal use?

Unfortunately, if the answer is simple, we can write a book and make millions of dollars, because, frankly, is the difference between the laptop and Netbook spelling please - Prevention or po-ka - A Everyone has different reactions. But here are some guidelines to consider:

Laptop, notebook and Netbook same basic design elements:

The opening and closing the stable

The keyboard is connected to a hinge system

It has two screens

Overall, these netbooks are often smaller and lighter than a laptop and a laptop, but there are no fixed parameters for size, but the difference between the three products. As technology improved, the ability to push more data into a small pouch made at the appropriate level. For this reason, the main changes of the small screen format: Netbook laptop >> Register.

Laptops usually have a backup device (such as CD-ROM and Ethernet plug-in for connecting to the Internet) where, as a Netbook and notebook more convenient to develop a number of built-in Wi-Fi. screen distance is usually more than 15 inches. Laptop screen size on land generally between 13 “-15” wide and has three small Netbook screen.

For the most part, if you are looking for a computer to simulate what could be done in a way, the laptop your best choice. If you use the internet while the phone is your thing, then your best bet Netbook.